Types of Staircases At PJ Designs

A well designed staircase could turn your ideas into reality to complement your home. We offer Stainless Steel and Glass, Traditional Wrought Iron, Spiral or Curved Staircases. Our custom staircase ranges from curved to single spine stairs and stairs with glass. We can supply various types of timber for steps and hand railings. We Hand Craft all of our products in our workshop based in Donegal and deliver to Ireland & UK.

Wrought iron staircases have been used for centuries. Few materials provide the strength and visual appeal of carefully worked metal. Single spine, open plan, traditional, wrought iron, staircase with collar designs in the balustrades can all be hand crafted and customized to the clients requirements to bring design and convince together to complement a home.

Spiral Staircases bring convenience and designs together in sympathy with your building. You are able to use a wide variety of materials for the building of Spiral Stairs including metal and Stainless Steel and Glass balustrades. You are able to customize the staircase from the steps to the rails to allow the staircase complement your building or home, also adding to the convenience.

Curved Staircases are formed with a single or double spine using a Stainless Steel or Wrought Iron Balustrade. A Curved staircase can complement a curved wall or feature wall and creates a stunning visual impression when entering your home which helps bring that feature wall to life. Curved staircases are a great way to personalise your home and add to the homey feeling your visitors will get when entering your home.

Stainless Steel and Glass Staircases are hand crafted commonly using a single or double spine with a glass balustrade with stainless steel posts and handrails. Glass Stairs are a great solution to limited natural lighting and are ideal for illuminating interiors, bringing your home to life. Stainless Steel and Glass staircases can add that dramatic look to your home without overpowering the room and adding a visual impression to the room.

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